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Manufacturer's Blurb: You have trusted Gamakatsu hooks with your biggest fish for over a decade. Now you can place that same trust in the new G-POWER LINE, a low stretch, low memory, copolimer line with superior wet knot strength and consistent fine diameter.

Colors Lbs Test Spool Size
Clear 4-30 300 or 3000 yds
Smoke 4-30 300 or 3000 yds
Hi-Vis Yellow 4-30 300 or 3000 yds

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5 Stars Outstanding!, 2008-01-01
Reviewer: Mike Pierce

When the money is on the line and I need a trusted fishing line that I can depend on, G Power is that line. I fish many bass events in Michigan and this line is by far the best. It will not break! I repeat will not break unless you break it. Bring band-aids if you decide to break it, you will have a pretty good line cut. I've had atleast a 40lbs Carp on my line using 8lb test and time was running out to get to the weigh in during a bass tournament. I pulled and yanked as hard as I could trying to snap that fish off and it took a while and several violent snaps of my rod to break him off. I've never used a line like it before. I don't tell people around here what line I use because I don't want to give them the seceret to my success. Use it, and you won't lose it!

Reviewer: Skamanaic

The best mono line I have ever used
Caught 103 Largemouth Bass on it in one day

5 Stars best line I have ever none, 2005-07-23
Reviewer: Merrell Peterson

Nice...nice....nice...soft,great knot strength...Low.low.low memory....I have caught hundreds of steelhead on 8# line many fish in the teens and a few 25+ try a couple of 40# salmon to, all brought to the boat,cannot say enough....

4 Stars G-Power, 2005-04-01
Reviewer: Hara (aka Climberb9)

This stuff isn't as nice as suffix, but is still pretty sweet.

It also has very little memory which is nice. The one problem that I found with it is that it seems much more suseptable to line twist than the Suffix was. However, it also seemed to cast farther and hold knots better than the Suffix DNA. The diameter appeared to be smaller as well.

Both lines are abrasion resisten- I caught a 8# steelhead on my g-power that ran me through some submerged willows and other things that beat up line and loose fish- but this line (10#) was strong enough to pull this fish outta the brush and also when i looked at it, was still fishable. A few nicks, but no serious abrasion.

Over All a good line.

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